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Implementasi Bauran Promosi Untuk Mencapai Kekuatan Merek Pada Bisnis Start Up Kuliner “Nasi Jinggo Kedai Tiang” Jakarta Selatan

The aim of present study is to provide an explanation about planning, strategies, and the implementation of Marketing Communication Mix (Promotion Mix) of Kedai Tiang Kebayoran Lama as a business starter in food and beverages industry. These study uses an approach of qualitative reseach with case studies as the method. The study did several techniques to prove and analyze the implementation of the Marketing Communication Mix (Promotion Mix) such as interview technique, observing the field of the research, and did the documentations. The object of the study are all the activities of the Marketing Communication Mix (Promotion Mix) of Kedai Tiang Kebayoran Lama in order to achieve the brand equity. The subject of the study is Kedai Tiang which is located in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. The main data resourches taken from several techniques such as: in-depth interview with all the informants and observing the field of the research. The secondary data resourches taken from the documentation of all the activities in Kedai Tiang, and find the relevant theories to analyze the implementation of the Promotion Mix. The outcomes evidenced and prove that Kedai Tiang uses several of promotional tools i.e an advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, event, word of mouth marketing, interactive marketing, dan direct marketing to apply the marketing communication methods. The tools of Promotional Mix effectively give an exposure to all the target market of Kedai Tiang and give the impacts from Word of Mouth (WOM) and Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM), not only achieving the brand awareness, but the purchase repetition of the consumers, and increases the numbers of the consumers as well.


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