Image of Konstruksi Sosial Terhadap Berita Hiburan di Media Sosial (followers dari akun Instagram @Lambe_turah)


Konstruksi Sosial Terhadap Berita Hiburan di Media Sosial (followers dari akun Instagram @Lambe_turah)

Social media is one application that encapsulates internet connection between individuals and other individuals. Instagram is one of the social media that play an active role in giving influence to the audience. In the instagram itself there is referred to as the information content presented that can affect the audience of one of the content or information that always attract the attention of the public is the account @ lambe_turah where the account is changing the literacy audiences from social media instagram. So that influence leads to the emergence of different social constructs that each person raises in relation to the content provided by the @lambe_turah account. In this case, the researcher focuses on social construction theory on account instagram @ lambe_turah where there are two important category that caused someone to construct a information obtained, that is as a view point & a claim that formed the existence of internalization, objectification and also externalization. this research uses qualitative method by using comprehensive interview technique in it to get valid data, then paradigm used by researcher is constructivist paradigm. Therefore, the researcher will investigate further related to the influence of @lambe_turah to the construction of instagram users through the entertainment news account @lambe_turah seen from the side followers.


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