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Exploitation Phenomenon of Integrated TV News Reporter in Indonesia (Commodification of Media Workers at MM Media)

TV station reporter is a very different performance from reporter's works in print media especially in terms of time and prepare. In working hours, television reporters (TV) do not recognize the time and any situation, although it means sacrificing their time. Even the phenomenon found in the world of journalists today, especially in Indonesia, many national media implements an integrated reporting system related to saving money and production effectiveness. As applied in PT. Media MM Tbk (MMM), which is one of the largest media companies in Indonesia that houses four private television stations. The phenomenon of an integrated reporting system in the world of national journalists where media companies will benefit the contrary of a journalist 'as if' exploited all his ability, energy and mind to do reportage for some TV stations that are in the media group. From the results of observation and interview there are several forms of commodification performance of press workers (reporter) in MM Media in the implementation of 1). Coverage, 2).The process of making news and 3). Live report (live report). In presenting the news report live they have to deliver news to the four TV in MM Media, cannot be denied the same and monotonous coverage results due to the duration of the delay time of transfer from TV A to TV B only 20 seconds which resulted in reporters do the repetition of each word report the news and only differentiated the mention for each editor.
Keywords: Integrated TV News Reportage, Working Commodance of MM Media Press


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